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Large music dance " my dream " sidelights

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Late on September 11, inside the theater protecting interest with brilliant lights, a last a period of time the show of two hours falls next heavy curtain. Audience people the for a long time before standing in the stage does not agree to leave, as one falls of applause, hip, if the hall is resounded through like tidewater. Big screen again open, actors support sb with hand each other, brandish abstruse meeting meets the Five-Star Red Flag and incomplete ceaselessly the banner presents his compliment to the audience... net of NAU China dancing

The large music dance that group of Chinese disabled art makes meticulously " my dream " appear on the theater that protect interest again. The Chinese leader such as treasure of Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Home Wen, Gu Qinglin already was not first time watch the show with Chinese disabled round art, still have Keleiwen of chairman of international incomplete Olympic committee one days with what they enjoy this wonderful performance together, international Olympic committee is lifelong Ma Lanji of honorary president Sa a lot of attend Beijing incomplete the each country honoured guest of abstruse meeting people. Net of NAU China dancing

Net of NAU China dancing
Net of NAU China dancing
This is a show before, hu Jintao is the same as Keleiwen, Samaranch kind chat. Net of NAU China dancing

19:30, big screen slowly open. Below spotlight, cropland of ginger strong and pervasive fragrance, wear a purple evening dress silent station is in the ground in the center of the blue arena like dream. This deaf person girl that comes from Beijing to combine an university speaks the disabled's aspirations with a beautiful sign language poem: "Life always has a dream, life always has yearning; Let us all the time, enjoy each inches of sunshine; We at light of the appreciate in darkness, at breathed in comprehend swing, at misshapen in seek perfect... " net of NAU China dancing

When " 1000 hands avalokitesvara " 4 words just appear in arena on the screen of two side, enthusiastic applause erupts instantly below the stage. This dancing program is audience place early hep, ever was polled to choose by Chinese audience for best dancing. Net of NAU China dancing

In Oriental civilization, 1000 hands avalokitesvara, the body of one person, 1000 hands 1000, be mercy is reincarnate. Dancing " 1000 hands avalokitesvara " in, dance of 21 deaf people person the hand appearance with profusion and the holy dancing of acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person, deducing the kindheartedness of 1000 hands avalokitesvara. Golden dress, aureate ray, enlightened each deaf person the face that dancer smiles, more mirror their beautiful heart. Net of NAU China dancing

Net of NAU China dancing
Net of NAU China dancing
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