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Dancing is artistic kind of choice title

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Dancing knowledge chooses a topic (61-75) :
61.Be called " the fire that do a company " yangko is.
A. North Shaanxi yangko B. Yangko of rubber administrative divisionC. Northeast yangko

62. In Yunnan festive lantern, "Fall stage " those who which one folk admitted " jump bowstring " ?
A. The Yi nationality
B. Miao Zu
C. Dai nationality

63. According to archaic document account, to read one dynasty to had had more perfect lion body prop and performance form?
A. Tang Dynasty
B. Song Dai
C. Qing Dynasty is acting

64. By civilian actor compositive team roams about everywhere of the show omnibus a group of things with common features dancing form is:
A. Eminent B. Caboodle humorousC. Hot cling to

65. "Link division " the festival that which one nation is?
A. The Yi nationality
B. Miao ZuC. Dai nationality

66. "A fine moon dance " be the folk dance form that experiences one nation?
A. Miao Zu
B. The Yi nationalityC Dai nationality

67. "Dance person both hands holds ground of a lid, box each, the impact marriage case that uses forefinger law " what dancing is descriptive?
A. A fine moon dance
B. Cigarette case danceC. Sheepskin is invigorated

68. Is following where planted the dancing of of a mass character that dancing is people of Sa Ni a group of things with common features?
A. Kumala B. A fine moon danceC. Sheepskin is invigorated

69.The Tujia nationality has a kind of folk dance, dialect is " abandon cling to dance " is following where planted is folk dance this one dancing namely Chinese interpret name? A. Place hand dance B. A fine moon danceC. Sheepskin is invigorated

70.Pantomime " in relief Mu Tun and Nan wood are so graceful " name but interpret is Chinese
A. Frog prince and princess
B. Belle and beastC. Prince and peacock princess

71. In Dai nationality, the dance that can perform by the woman only is
A. A drum on a pedestal is obtained B. Piscine dance
C. Candle dance

72. Following which kind of dancing, can you see religious culture is affected to orchestic of the Uygur nationality?
A. Much Lang Wu
B. Sa Ma danceC. Sai Naimu

73.Major effect produces to Wu Xiaobang during Japan learns, make he decides to go up surely work of dancing of dancing art viatic is by cropland of Japanese early rice big

Learn the dancing work that the student performs, its name is:
A. " group ghost "
B. " hole "C. " pagoda and memorial archway "

74. 3 element are the dancing that Wu Xiaobang thinks rhythm of dancing expression, dancing and what
A. Dance reads a motion
B dancing composition of a picture
C. Dancing modelling

75. Yu Qiuyu with culture essay celebrated at the world, county of his artistic and academic monograph " Thespian theory history draft " with what?
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