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How does the attention avoid to get hurt in dancing study

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What we often say get hurt inevitably, it is the harm that points to strain sex, for instance sarcous is pulled, the strain of lumbar, the strain of hip joint.

More the athletic bear of excessive causes the harm of strain sex. Net of Fx2 China dancing

And of dancing learning process get hurt, fall for instance, contusion, tear off. Have a kind of reason only, namely " violate compasses operation " net of Fx2 China dancing

Net of dancing of China of two respects Fx2
The net of dancing of China of Fx2 of training method problem of 1-- teacher
2-- him student violate net of dancing of China of compasses operation Fx2
90% because student is eager to hope for success,be, violate compasses practice, without the standard that asks according to the teacher and process. Net of Fx2 China dancing

It is the most important to avoid to learn dancing to get hurt so must be finished namely according to formulary content train and improve a process, impatient of avoid by all means enrages impetuous, be eager to hope for success. Net of Fx2 China dancing