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Arrive from the stilt austral distant northeast yangko

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The formation of the stilt austral distant -- the formation of the stilt austral distant is the historical condition with the area austral distant, geographical environment, the development that reachs economic life is not divided. Show Liaoning saves southern distant south distant east the peninsula is taken, be located in between the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea, with Shandong peninsula stand far apart facing each other, land is fecund, traffic is convenient, it is inland lead to northeast surely the ground of classics. Qianlong year, look forward to, rash, comfort meets with repeatedly big drought, for scattered victim and land reclamation, large quantities of coming from look forward to, rash, the immigrant of the Han nationality of the province such as comfort enters the area austral distant, be in the majority with Shandong. Still appeared the new village of inhabit a region of a lot of the Han nationality, up to now still of continue to use " Hu Zhuang collect " " Bai Cao is depression " name waiting for a village, mirrorred immigrant to come this reclaims wasteland the historical case that builds a village. Conclude according to document data and on-the-spot investigation, the time that the stilt austral distant forms should be after Qianlong, development becomes northeast typical stilt form, already was quiet acting later period. Net of Ctx China dancing
Net of Ctx China dancing
Temple of the area austral distant is numerous, the dweller's addition promoted activity of each district temple fair, year when section, temple fair, no matter urban and rural, everybody collects money a meeting, beg a god to bless native land new residence first two ground are restful, 2 will collect collective recreation one case, eliminate nostalgic, promotional solidarity. In the temple fair south distant, in order to confuse a town temple of hill empress or imperial concubine of the first rank is most royal, according to big Jin Tiancong 9 years (the Christian era 1635) " Lai Jian repairs tablet of temple of empress or imperial concubine of the first rank again " epitaph is informed, this temple falls for collapse of ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes originally, qing Taizong emperor too extremely imperial order is built repair again, the protection that regards quiet room as birthplace is magical. After this, the Dou Cengxiu between light-year of Kang Xi, path copy, of burning incense flourishing the coronal that is temple of the area austral distant all the time. Temple fair is perform all sorts of literary places at the same time, each villages, town constitutes a popular rural folk dance in succession, carry the grand meeting such as cabinet, car, stilt is godly and fulfiling one's promise, all sorts of folk art forms of home town, it is in temple fair, year show of ground of the choose when the section. Net of Ctx China dancing
Net of Ctx China dancing
At that time week iron channel " Tian Jicheng is met " most royal, its stilt is met also far and near is famed, the most welcome, for brunt of the stilt austral distant. Stilt is to stepping on performance of wooden lift up, than common form tower above one cut, people also can be viewed and admire beyond, and the action is convenient, as good as and revolving stage, welcome by masses, the stilt austral distant also is formed gradually and flourishing rise. A lot of temple fair austral distant promoted the development of local stilt, the actor with a few excellent craft, except be in on year of section and temple fair outside the performance, special group class arrives show of close village far county, the invitation of classics other place is far pass Jilin, Heilongjiang, enter a town from the country. Apply colours to a drawing of each district stilt respective local colour, renown actor formed him style genre gradually, some hotshot become professional stilt actor or artist. To contend for the ringleader of temple fair, get used to show need, art people absorbs yangko, a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast and the skill that judge show extensively still to abound a performance. Had chosen happy hand to accompany, dance Le Rong closes, feel just like a fish in water, dancing skill is able to fill minute of play. The artistic quality of the stilt austral distant is in art people suffering is moved with one's shoulder to collar and rise ceaselessly in practice. Net of Ctx China dancing
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