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Remember hearing: Dancing is have life, the human body in motion is artistic. Net of 7je China dancing

Net of 7je China dancing
Although dancing appreciate is class of a take as an elective course only, but I like this course very. In this by a definite date in 9 weeks time, I gradually bring into contact with dancing, admired various, the dancing that comes from world each district, the style is disparate, yi Huanyi is true. The classical ballet with the step dance that has Ireland, temperamental soft actor, vigor moves the modern dance of feeling, still have just, human relations cling to, a variety of companionship dance such as Sang Ba, tango, look I am dazzlingly. The appreciate of a few kinds of dancing that I prefer under makes summary a bit. Net of 7je China dancing

Net of 7je China dancing
Net of dancing of China of step dance 7je
Step dance, agile and fluent, rhythm is trenchant, the large song pantomime with famous Ireland " the dance of the great river " the delegate that is a model, of the rhythm of boundless, footstep of its imposing manner mad wild, a variety of new-style music wind let together with audience mood is rising, popular feeling of that trenchant rhythm enough shock. Net of 7je China dancing

Net of 7je China dancing
Net of dancing of China of peacock dance 7je
Peacock dance is the tradition of the most negative great reputation in folk dance of our country Dai nationality performs sexual dance, but dance of my understanding peacock or that beautiful body appearance that begin Yu Yangli duckweed. Arm hand bowl, hand points to soft Gang Ren apply, each place forms the body 3 curved modelling of beautiful Qu Ya, ministry of together with genu rises and fall withily, behave the docile, goodness of the peacock, sedate disposition animal sacrifice very faultlessly. Net of 7je China dancing
Peacock dance is in " Yunnan impression " in also have show very well. Watching " Yunnan impression " in the process, I often be attracted deeply by those setting, although the actor on arena all comes from folk, but their appeal is absolutely and OK rival with professional dancer photograph. Net of 7je China dancing

Net of 7je China dancing
Net of dancing of China of Latin dance 7je
Sang Ba, human relations cling to, just is our most familiar dance is planted one of, they all are to come from the dancing at latin america, but have again severally differ severally. The music of Latin dance is ebullient, bold and unrestrained, have rhythm feeling extremely. The crural law rhythm of incisively and vividly is free and fluent, developed beautiful line of the female, moving join sentiment, the male showed Biao Han doughty, the individual character of air space dignified is beautiful. Net of 7je China dancing

Net of 7je China dancing
Net of dancing of China of 7je of Chinese classical dancing
Chinese classical dancing is one of dance that I like most, because the metropolis in each its dancing has his story, as if its creation is to deduce a certain story, this is his mission. If be being rivalled with the new dancing look such as ballet, modern dance, law of that its body law He Yun with oneself makes he made the Chinese money of a tunnel. " drunk beat " , be borrow wine with drunk, with drunk lend bosomy expression home of a folk art clinging pursuit career, poor of willing a suit, buy is rough at disregarding, inspect art to be the outstanding work of life. It is an outstanding work not just, it is the true portraiture of beans of dancing artist soybean more, a height has the sunshine boy of 166 only originally, holding ceaseless to orchestic pursuit in the arms, innovation went the miracle on arena. Still have " fetch of tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty " , " begonia " etc, also be the masterpiece of classical dancing, they are convinced people deeply with rich gut. Net of 7je China dancing
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