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The dancing in my eye

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Because like dance, chose this course so. The dancing on the movie that the dancing that after attending a class, just discovers oneself think and teacher see to us differs completely, the feeling looks not quite understand. Put to us with respect to the teacher in if " greenbelt " , although its name ases if to be concerned with greenbelt, but I feel the person performance on arena comes out do not have with greenbelt it seems that how old relation, what each their movement wants to convey is what kind of feeling colour, the understanding that I cannot understand very much, what decide exclusively is, very aesthetic, to the person a kind of vision is enjoyed. Their body very soft, but the appearance that is in this kind of soft beauty issues a kind to existing again resolute. Although view the expression that is less than them, but as if however a kind of thing is worn in intense shock I, say not clear path is unidentified the sort of, they are to using their limbs language to communicate colour of a kind of passion to the audience. Net of KFU China dancing

Net of KFU China dancing
Again later, the teacher put the small part of all sorts of modern dance to us. Human relations cling to, just, tango is waited a moment, a bit more familiar to these. Although belong to modern dance but dance of avery kind of has the style that belongs to itself and taste. Just hops with intense rhythm to the person, music is very lively also. Although once had seen someone on the outdoor ball of the school,jump just, feel very beautiful in those days, but learn all the time won't, always do not jump to give that one sense. See the ability after true professional just discovers, in living so the sort of very simple. Bullfight dance is full of to the person at the beginning mad wild flavour, dance person be in that way have intense emotion, couplet letting a person thought of true Spanish bullfight occasion. Net of KFU China dancing

Net of KFU China dancing
Dancing does not understand previously the knowledge of this respect when, feel those who jump is very good-looking merely, the movement is very beautiful, listened to a teacher after explaining, just experience truly " on the stage one minute, below the stage 10 years of result " the true meaning of this word. Reveal that beautiful dance appearance to the audience for stagewise, must repeat of cold winter intense heat of summer in what keep in acrobatics room no matter make a motion, arrive even finally, leg coma, the foot is experienced lamely, but will continue as before tomorrow. Net of KFU China dancing

Net of KFU China dancing
The feeling learns dance is not an easy thing really, it needs to the endurance that perserve and perseverance ability had done it. Net of KFU China dancing