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Tonga beautiful the path that reduces weight solely (graph article)

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This is Tonga of home of show of human body art, dancer beautiful should our newspaper editor invites, the form and structure that keeps for our newspaper only, temperament writes refine secret book, appear in the newspaper publicly first. Tonga beautiful the beauty of the figure, need not say more, want to repair refine by her method only, perhaps your figureAlso can get be modellinged very well. Net of Xix China dancing

I begin to learn dance from 8 years old. Perhaps do obeisance to dancing place to grant just about, not be my very satisfactory discovery all the time to the figure originally, although oneself are insufficient tall, the figure also is not particularly conspicuous, but as long as figure scale is well-balanced, which height is OK very beautiful. For instance, lotus · dream shows Marie also just 1 meter 60, but her figure is extremely well-balanced, think without the person her inches is scant. Net of Xix China dancing

Daily dance do exercises in gymnastics can let a figure extend, forceful, soft, slender, but swim and mountaineer the place that also is me loves. Mountaineer the heart that lets me roams in nature, model the muscle line of the waist and leg ministry at the same time; Swim let me get harmony all over. I am certain a bit: To body model, do not need too complex, want a few little changes only, hold on, temperamental, feeling is met with very different before. Net of Xix China dancing

Build oneself " model body log "Net of Xix China dancing

In model body process, can prepare a small jotter, below the record everyday dietary change and achievement: Had had what nice change, can continue to hold on; What place still needs hard, improve stage by stage. Besides specific dietary arrangement, the joys and sorrows of life in model body course can be being recorded on the model body log in you is salty, a certain number of after year, still can become beautiful memory. Net of Xix China dancing

Young model body journal can let you " shortsighted " , only dedicated at small, specific, short-term target, want to eat 7 bells fruit every week for instance, everyday at least feed should have legume food... is not I should decrease 5 kilograms or 7 kilograms wait these a moment " grandiose and ambitious " target. Actually, the result is same, small victory adds up can gain big victory, achieve ideal model body goal. Net of Xix China dancing

Net of Xix China dancing

Take the good meal, premise that sleeping to become aware is model bodyNet of Xix China dancing

Model body cannot extravagant hopes get effect instantly. Want to succeed, be about to have patience, have will, successive ground is changed. Exceed you to bear the thing of limits, you forever impossible chronically holds on, always have a day when erupt disgustedly. If you feel to chew whole wheat bread to resemble gnawing,work again if acerbity chipboard is same, you cannot eat two days to be able to abandon absolutely. When beginning model body cookbook so, want change of bit by bit, imperceptible in a give up of a ground drops those insalubrious food habits. Radical reducing weight is unscientific, slow and steady, consolidate step by step, talent win every war, invincible. Net of Xix China dancing
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