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Countrywide hairdressing cosmetic brand of course of study 100 strong choose com

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Countrywide hairdressing brand of cosmetic course of study 100 strong choose commend congress

And forum of employment high level is about to hold cosmetic of the 4th China hairdressing

For inheritance aesthetic civilized, commend industry elite, encourage sincere letter development, brand of countrywide hairdressing course of study 100 strong choose commend congress, and cosmetic of hairdressing of the 4th China forum of employment high level will be held at was in Beijing in September 2008. This is countrywide hairdressing cosmetic the elite grand meeting of course of study, it is the important milestone that industry of Chinese hairdressing cosmetic grows.

Chinese hairdressing beautifies hair already develops independently too, already the initiative condition from in the past, regression at becoming long-term self-conscious state, the industry needs favorable development environment, the market needs a standard.

Be called " beautiful economy " market of Chinese hairdressing cosmetic, through 20 old swift and violent development, arrive as a child big, by arrive infirmly strong, to science and technology from simple extensive banner, collectivize is managed,

Entire industry had obtained unprecedented achievement, become the pillar with Chinese countryman strong economy, in support the country is built, maintain a society the respect such as masses of society of stable, service made outstanding contribution.

To publicize hairdressing cosmetic course of study is a society to make contribution, establish image of good industry, society, raise standardization to run ability, provide excellent service for social community and wide old member, commend to make the unit of crackajack contribution, individual in hairdressing cosmetic industry, beautify hair in business association of national Ministry of Public Health, whole nation, whole nation below the support of the unit such as hairdressing association, by Chinese green health of Chinese of healthy industry association, world promotes medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of meeting, world to learn medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of federation, China health of high-tech of society, whole nation works communication of international of Medical Protection of industrial communication society, China promotes health of committee, China Gao Jian of meeting, whole nation appoint, world of committee of hairdressing cosmetic major, Beijing connects center of information of trade couplet market to undertake with " communication, collaboration, development " the countrywide hairdressing cosmetic that gives priority to a problem brand of course of study 100 strong choose commend forum of high level of cosmetic employment of congress and hairdressing of the 4th China will be in Beijing in September 2008.

This second congress is hairdressing cosmetic industry grand meeting of top class leader. Aim to cast an industry newest go situation, share a trade newest achievement, commend the industry is advanced enterprise, individual, extend advanced experience, technology, product, hurried has communication of course of study and collaboration.
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