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Abroad observation law is beautiful fanaticism unscrambles market of day of medi

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World of make a comprehensive view, cosmetic is bought in drugstore, had formed a kind of habits and customs in the country such as the United States, Japan, England. Scan widely the world, euramerican person habit buys effect to protect skin to taste in drug-store nurse with the individual things, japanese chain interlinks drug-store 70% what Zhan Jisheng meaning makes product of makeup of Chinese traditional medicine and commodity. Be in Japan at present, 16000 are called " medical makeup inn " shop, put medicines and chemical reagents, cosmetic, commodity together manage, the amount still exceeded professional drugstore even. According to media coverage: 2004 Japanese medicine makeup the sale that interlinks inn exceeds 4.2 million yen (amount to) of 323 billion yuan of RMB, its Chinese traditional medicine tastes kind of proportion that the sale holds to be not worth 1/3.

When skin of a lot of problems the crowd is his skin and sleeping and eating is installed hard, the skin that how can just let oneself looks healthy, how is the skin sent more closely it seems that, while oneself age is not betrayed by the young grain place of facial furrow and eye ministry, formed nowadays then this sees the drug that seems enthusiasm makeup the market.

Another French medicine makeup

French drugstore should call more actually is medical makeup inn, the thin body frost that all sorts of brands swarmed on goods shelves, beautiful black oil, fight knit a latex to wait functional sex product a moment, these cheap and fine medicine makeup the product is to let French young woman maintain posture the reliable ally with slender, smooth skin.

Approach French medicine makeup inn, what come over head on is completely " old people " product of functional sex cosmetic, because the French takes those who fight consenescence seriously to maintain very much,this basically is. Because climate is drier,be on one hand reason, because Hesperian is original,be on the other hand relatively Oriental is shown old, prevent consenescence so, fought anile market to be become the most popular maintain topic. French drug-store maintains best-sellingly taste a category, it is to fight the anile, functional sex product that fights oxidation completely almost.

According to Hong Kong the report of magazine of fashion of United States makeup: The French is ferial in prefer patronage inn of two kinds of medicine makeup, one kind is the medicine with the cheapest France makeup inn, another kind is the medicine with the most substantial France makeup inn.

The GERMAINDESPRES that is located in RueBonaparte and RueDuFour across mouth is the native land medicine with the cheapest France makeup inn, the sale price of the commodity inside its inn is equivalent to in Chinese country the 45%-50% of retail prices is controlled.

The PAPASHOP drug that sees in French street everywhere however makeup inn, the guest inside daily inn all is to be greeted send toward, in an endless stream. Besides, the branch store amount of makeup inn had formed PAPASHOP medicine strong lead dominant position, and its are equivalent to Chinese market " Qu Chen " management strategy, still aided its to make the drug with French the most substantial market the recognition of makeup inn and good name.
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