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Pouch shrink cannot lose face Japan sell like hot cakes of costly and advanced c

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Although Japanese economy is more and more stagnant, the sales volume of the advanced cosmetic that uses luxurious container and handpick part rises with each passing day however, indication female did not decrease to the demand of cosmetic. For this, each big cosmetic manufacturer devotes oneself to Japan in succession development price exceeds 100 thousand yen (add up to 6348 yuan of RMBs about) the advanced cosmetic such as cream.

Japanese joint company reports, in recent years cosmetic market appears gradually commodity of archives of on any account " polarization " phenomenon. According to endowment unripe hall company introduces, 7 years fundamental cosmetic sale and 4 years of photograph comparing increased 3% . Among them price increased in the sale of the product of above of 20 thousand yen 24% .

The consumer of advanced cosmetic basically is medium senile woman, they begin to care about the skin the problem such as dry, occurrence microgroove. Beautiful treasure company shows beautiful, "To the female of this age layer, the child is already grown, the money that can control freely is more. The money that can control freely is more..

Each are big the manufacturer still was rolled out in succession " top class product " . The new generation cream that Nuo Yi Weiya company rolled out on June 25 50 grams price 105 thousand yen. The subtle grain of layer of cutin of skin of easy infiltrate through is contained a lot ofin this product, matched have the vitamin H that defends wet usefulness. Since this range of products appeared on the market 3 years in September oneself accumulative total work off 150 thousand. The new product after the company hopes to reform and make up the sale of water can reach 3 billion yen inside 3 months.

Beautiful Li Baoye orders goods from what begin 5 years to accept advanced cream every year production, 40 grams hold price 126 thousand yen, up to last year in all work off makes an appointment with 28 thousand. Purchaser of it is reported is the person of layer of 559 years old of ages more, somebody buy advanced cosmetic every year to serve as the award to oneself.

The competition that faces the top class brand that cosmetic brand shop and bazaar sell also grows in intensity. Endowment card of inferior of unripe hall banner " the key of skin " (CLEDEPEAUBEAUTE) will roll out price on September 21 of 21 thousand yen protect wet latex (125 milliliter) the cream that reachs 126 thousand yen (40 grams) . New product is had prevent the skin to rough reach the effect that restrains melanin.

Tall silk company also reachs eye shadow to waited for colour makeup product to undertake reforming to lipstick, will begin to sell on August 21. Small Lin Yijun of this company president says with respect to the sale situation of advanced cosmetic, "The market of foreign brand is very good also, we cannot treat sth lightly. The company still has the room that grow, " express aggrandizement sales promotion.
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