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Marry series of treasure of silk of German half an year changes a brand big days

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"Shu Lei " , " United States billows " treasure waiting for silk turns a brand big days 4 " marry " to Germany Bai Ersi husband large half an year, the personage inside many course of study is afraid " snow hides " did not happen. Yesterday, filar treasure day changes presiding apparitor Wu Yong male express to the reporter, this 4 old brands remain the same active.

On October 4, 2007, filar treasure group is in Chinese hold a press conference, announce Germany to do obeisance to Er Si Daofu is bought

Day of the treasure that enter silk converts 85% share, shadow of Shu Lei, wind, suitable bright, United States billows " change a last name " . This also was 2003 after Oulaiya buys young nurse, domestic day changes a bound one case the biggest to buy case. After buying, be being hidden by snow is the nightmare of native land brand for a time, in those days the Shanghai beauty of at the summit of one's power is added clean " marry " after American Zhuang Chen company, ever gave the situation that is sales volume to decrease 60 million of 1994 by 300 million acute 1990. The personage inside course of study is afraid: Can 4 old brands deny filar treasure follow the same old disastrous road?

Yesterday, wu Yong male divulge, treasure day changes silk to be sold first half of the year than last year the corresponding period grows 18% , brand image was not weakened. At present filar treasure day changes network of team of the manufacturing base that is in China, sale, sale to all be maintained changeless, heart just send only come over chief inspector of a sale and personnel of a few research and development. Also did not plan to choose him additionally at present the ground, replace Wuhan to make Chinese area headquarters. This year second half of the year, filar treasure day changes product outer packing to will be added formally " the Si Daofu that do obeisance to Er is in Hua Zi company " wait for model of written characters.

"The brand that fosters a market to approbate now needs ten, they won't take roundabout way intentionally. " Wu Yong male say. As we have learned, the Si Daofu that do obeisance to Er is in actual strength of the market that protect skin is abundant, but washing protect hair respect to just started, if want to enter Chinese market, need silk treasure is washing the medium of communication that protects hair market maturity and market experience.

Wu Yong male also express at the same time, before 6 months of general collaboration are honeymoon period, do not eliminate to understand cooperative development as both sides, clash may produce on culture, management train of thought.

Additional all, yesterday, filar treasure day is changed to seismic disaster area and other places of boreal plain, smooth fierce presented 50 thousand value 3 million yuan easy bud individual is washed protect things. Press every 10 victims common room of a communal shower, these products but benefit and masses of about 500 thousand nearly 2 million disaster area.
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