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The practice that the dancing in artistic education teachs and research learn in

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Summary: In view of dancing education is taught in our country quality and the importance in school skill education is strengthened ceaselessly, the integrated and artistic education that with new artistic education curricular standard place advocates is guidance, this task is passed write teaching material of middle school dancing, have classroom education, organization school dance band and establish experimental class, do not use questionnaire investigation, action to consider to wait for a method to have the method of comparative experiment to different group, the feasibility that dancing adds to teach course in learning education to be in our country and effect undertook study. Dancing education learns to be able to achieve a society in studying the result makes clear intelligence of aesthetic, development, exercise a series of aesthetic education effect such as physical ability, reach thereby dancing course is offerred in average middle school, dancing education enters middle school school yard, be times development is inevitable. Net of LbA China dancing

Keyword: New course quality teachs aesthetic education art to teach dancing to teach net of LbA China dancing

One, the research setting of the taskNet of LbA China dancing

1, the net of dancing of China of main component LbA that aesthetic education is quality education

Aesthetic education is aesthetic education, it is to apply education of beauty of life of artistic beauty, natural beauty, society to suffer pedagogue right aesthetic idea and the education that experience the ability with beautiful, appreciate beauty, beautiful creation, it is having other to teach the function that course place cannot supersede in the quality respect that increases a person. 21 centuries are an information society that is dominant with intellectual economy, the international that grow in intensity competes, it is knowledge and the competition that science and technology innovates, advancing quality to teach in the round is the only way of the socialistic people of a new type that develops need of 21 centuries modernization, and the component that aesthetic education is quality education. Net of LbA China dancing

2, the mainest avenue that artistic education is executive aesthetic education, new artistic course advocates integrated and artistic education. Net of LbA China dancing

Aesthetic education is implemented through artistic education. The content that standard of new artistic education courses points out artistic course includes music, art, dancing, Thespian 4 content, national Ministry of Education promulgated 2001 " full-time obligation teachs artistic course standard " in specific also requirement " Thespian, dancing also should enter artistic classroom " . The school art that can have aesthetic education function teachs the situation that remains music, art to teach unify the whole country however, pay no attention to dancing, Thespian absent, do not think even, this has very big effect to the formation of integrated and artistic ability of the student. And dancing itself is integrated and artistic form, dancing is the limbs activity with the person is agency, it is a feature with kinaesthesia, the show that has in space and time is artistic, the expression of the body movement of the person that it passes dancing and limbs language will foster fancy and creativity. Orchestic study, expression and transmission are not outside content, have life of flesh and blood, full of emotive however person oneself. Although it already became a kind of independent artistic form, but often with music, art, Thespian wait for artistic be in harmony to be an organic whole, express human thought and feeling racily. Pay attention to the United States that quality teachs, be in early labelled dancing 1994 the core curriculum of class of art of middle and primary school, big, medium, elementary school has dancing class. They bring into dancing the countryman to teach a system to give as an obligatory course all-pervading practice, promoted a countryman greatly of integrated quality rise, draw lessons from for what we provided a success. Net of LbA China dancing
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