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Nursery school should value dancing education

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Educationist vivid Er is special Terry says • : "To the body, dancing can improve the health, correct wrong attitude, adjust muscle, strengthen behavioral accuracy. In affection respect, dancing gets used to organization activity to cheeper, accept a leadership, abide by discipline helpful, to the bearing of individual words and deeds of children, expressional express the idea, also have a help. Dance to be used besides the body and affection, apparent even mental concentration. If want the body to be waved according to formulary form, must rise nimble and alert, well-trained, outstanding. " vivid Er is special • is special the importance that height of face of tripartite of li of fitness from the person, affection, attention generalized dancing to teach. I think normal dancing is taught, to fostering cheeper attention and memory, the development of stimulative cheeper thinking can have positive effect. Net of PtK China dancing
Net of PtK China dancing
The teacher is when demonstrative dance movement, children must remember course of its rhythm, flow, metre, underlying feeling, input these information cerebrum to come out very quickly with body expression, this pair of cheeper, do not have height point to and be impossible to finish centrally. Undertake to cheeper this is planted as a child normal, continuously, iteration training, can develop the habit that the working height that they are engaged in to oneself notices. Very apparent, other side is accepted in the school when children when education, the attention as a result of them can more natural and habitual ground concentration, the understanding to knowledge and master train than passing dancing ambitious, this can find strong evidence in the student of a certain number of dance lecture classes. The education of this kind of attention is right one the individual's development has profit greatly undoubtedly. Net of PtK China dancing
Net of PtK China dancing
Children should remember musical figure and musical metre not only when learning dance, remember dance movement rhythm even, remember each dance sentence manifests affection. If do not have good memory,be a certain number of dance in cannot finishing an a dancing, pantomime paragraph. And a dancing class and a literacy class photograph are compared, the memory that dancing place requires is ambitious at literacy class. Because musical metre is of change, orchestic movement is change, orchestic affection is change, must remember its metabolic course, remember the calm case of those instants. Children take exercise this kind in what get on dancing class have stimulative effect undoubtedly to fostering their memory. Net of PtK China dancing
Net of PtK China dancing
Dance teacher should teach children to perform small duck, those who ask children small duck is how to cry) children reply: ; Small duck is how walk) children learn duck to go with the pace of Pan Pan instantly, and there is a duck at all in dancing room right now, children are to employ already some intellectual experience undertake machining handling to the teacher's query, come out with body expression. This process is the process that children use thinking. In addition, children are in dancing study, want expression to finish a kind of dance movement, when cannot be behaved when them or be being behaved inadequately, the teacher uses the experience of the life to undertake instructive to them, children undertake associating according to the teacher's inspiration, memory, understanding, with body expression comes out finally. In this process, children also had vigorous thinking activity. Such, train repeatedly for many times, be helpful for the development of child thinking ability. Net of PtK China dancing
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